• Do I need a partner ?
  • The best way to speed up your learning to dance with as many different people as possible. We rotate dancers around between partners in the classes too, so it isn’t necessary to bring a partner unless you would like to.


  • Do I need special clothes or shoes?
  • You will need to wear comfortable clothes which are cool to wear and allow easy movement. Most people wear casual or smart casual -no sequins required. Smooth-soled shoes which fit firmly on the foot are best as salsa has many turns. Trainers or plimsoles with a lot of grip, flip-flops and stilettos are not suitable. There is no need to buy special shoes at first, but they are recommended if you decide salsa is for you. A good selection is available from Rotate UK and other websites.


  • What are the benefits of salsa dancing ?
  • Salsa is a great way to keep fit and have fun while making new friends, so it has physical, mental and social benefits for everyone, no matter what their ability, age or background. Salsa music is composed to be uplifting, and dancing is the time-honoured way to express yourself and socialise in a safe environment.


  • Do I need any dance experience and how long does it take to learn?
  • Salsa may look complicated but the basic steps are surprisingly easy to learn, so there is no need to have any dance experience at all. Everyone learns at different speeds and some people have more time they can commit than others. Your teachers will guide you through the learning process at a pace that is appropriate for you, and advise you when you are ready to move up a level. You will soon have enough moves to social dance with confidence, and from there on the sky’s the limit.